and I approve this message.

… a talented musician, a certified half-paediatrician, proud uncle, fantastic grandfather, spaceman, an aspiring entrepreneur, saw Richard Branson twice, ex-RAF pilot, jeweller, a friend of a friend of a friend of John Cale, owner of a Dave Grohl drum kit from the 1990s, a great son, wonderful daughter, an octo-mom, possibly related to Mick Jagger, charity worker, once was filthy rich, likes skinny jeans, smash guitars, drinks 100 cans of fake Red Bull per day, almost as good as Einstein, an accomplished photographer, the best painter ever, alien, once spent 5 days camping on the dark side of the moon, buy me a Ferrari, advertising genius, definitely bigger and better than you…
Nul Kom Eerste™

Nul Kom Eerste™